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Why BBIT SME Certification Program For Students?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Entrepreneurship Ideas using Social Media can be essential for students for several reasons:

Develops Business Skills: Affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship provide an opportunity for students to develop valuable business skills, such as marketing, sales, communication, and negotiation. These skills can be useful in various careers and personal endeavors.

Generates Income: Affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship can provide students with a source of income. This can be particularly beneficial for students who are struggling to make ends meet or who want to save up for future expenses like tuition fees or travel.

Builds Confidence: Starting a business or marketing someone else's products can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. By taking on these challenges, students can build their confidence and develop a sense of accomplishment.

Teaches Time Management: Affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship require students to manage their time effectively. They need to balance their studies, work, and personal life, which can be a valuable skill in any profession.

Overall, affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship can be essential for students as they offer a chance to learn valuable skills, generate income, build confidence, manage time, and create online business opportunities.

SME Course Overview


Dedicated Software & Training Details

1. Tube Rank Jeet (Licence Version - LifeTime)

Sales Page: (Cost: $67/Year)

2. 301 Ranker (Licence Version - LifeTime)

3. Windows Movie Maker (Licence Version - LifeTime)

(Cost: $59.99)

3. Video Niche Domination Pro (Licence Version - LifeTime)

(Cost: $47/Month)

4. Thumbnail Blaster Pro

Sales Page: (Cost: $97)

4. Voice Maker (AI Text To Speech)

Sales Page: (Cost: $200/Year)

5. Membership Blogging Platform (

Domain Authority(DA) - 54 (Very useful to rank blog or article in Google/Bing/Yahoo)

(Cost: Priceless 😇)

6. WriteCream (Unlimited Credit)

Sales Page: (Cost: $69/Month)

AND..........Many More..............

(All Software & Tools are FREE Within SME Program)


The SME Program has implemented a "No Refund" policy to ensure consistency and fairness for all students. This policy has been established to streamline administrative processes and maintain the program's integrity. By adhering to this policy, the program aims to provide equal opportunities and resources to all SMEs involved. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions before enrolling in the program, as participants should be aware that once payment is made, it is non-refundable. The program organizers are available to address any questions or concerns regarding this policy and provide further clarification if needed.


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