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Module One - Affiliate Marketing in Depth & Blogging

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Video 1 Affiliate Marketing in Depth

Video 2 How To Create Clickbank Account

Video 3 How to Create Digistore24 Account in India

Video 4 How To Change Profile in

Video 5 Understanding Clickbank Accounts

Video 6 Product Selection Criteria in Clickbank

Video 7 Golden Opportunity For SME Program Students

Video 8 Comparing DA PA With Other Domains

Video 9 Product Title Selection Part 1

Video 10 Product Title Selection Part 2

Video 11 Creating Blog Content using WriteCream

Video 12 Managing Blog Content with Images

Video 13 Managing Blog Content with Affiliate Links

Video 14 SEO Tips and Publish Blog Post

Video 15 How To Check Indexing Status and Keyword Rank Position

Video 16 All in One Blogging Start To Finish


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